Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Black Lives Matter Movement - Bad For Blacks

The Black Lives Matter Movement is composed of anarchists, radical Socialists and Communists just trying to make trouble in America.   If these people really cared about Black Lives, they should be protesting in the streets related to Black on Black crime, which is horrendous in our country.   Far more Blacks are killed as result of Black crime than are killed in any police action in our country.   Yet, we don't hear many Black Leaders and certainly not the Left Wing Media, or the Poverty Pimps that live off the misery of the poor talking much about Black on Black Crime, even though the data is conclusive. 

The Black Lives Matter Movement is inspiring Cop Killers, as we see more Cops around the country being murdered in some cases by deranged Blacks and or Convicted Felons.   This is all very bad for Blacks in general because they are not speaking up in opposition to this Movement.   Many Blacks in the left wing media continue to defend the Black Lives Matter Movement no matter how many Cops are murdered.  This will cause a back lash against Blacks in general.   Violence will buy no sympathy for the Black Community, or the Civil Rights Movement. 

Look, All Lives Matter.  This Blogger certainly does not support Blacks, or anybody else, being killed in the course of a police action, except as a last resort.  If Blacks in America were smart, they would adopt the slogan that All Lives Matter, including those that die as a result of a police action, Cops being murdered, Blacks being murdered as a result of Black on Black Crime and anybody being murdered by criminals.  How about some Common Sense in America for a change, instead of divisive positioning that serves no purpose.  

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