Thursday, September 17, 2015

Illegal Aliens Do Committ A High Number of Serious Crimes

While most illegal and legal aliens in the United States are law abiding, hard working people, Donald Trump is absolutely right in his assertions that many entering our country illegally are murderers, rapists and drug dealers.  Even though local, state and the federal governments attempt to hide the numbers because they would be politically explosive, in a shocking report recently produced by Fox News, by putting together a patch work of local, state and federal statistics, it is clear that illegal aliens are committing thousands of serious crimes every year.  If stating these facts is racist, or not politically correct, then so be it. 

Obamanistas want to hide the facts; but they are as follows.   A segment of the approximately 11.7 million illegal aliens in our country are responsible for 13.6% of serious crimes, which is a huge number given their percentage of the general population.  Illegal Aliens commit 12% of the murders, 20% of the kidnappings and 16% of the drug trafficking that results in felony jail sentences.  2.1 million legal and illegal aliens, that have been convicted of crimes are either living freely in our country, or are behind bars.  Of those, 1.2 million are at large.  These are very scary numbers and political dynamite.  For some bizarre reason, the Obama Justice Department keeps letting go free thousands of illegal alien criminals each year, rather than automatically deport them; though it is true that deportations are up.

One thing is for sure.  Any illegal alien that commits a serious crime in our country and is convicted for doing it, should automatically be deported upon release from jail with the proviso that if they return to the United States illegally and are caught that they go back to jail automatically for 5 years or more.   And, if they return again upon deportation, the sentences should go to 10 years or more.  It is bad enough that we have American citizen criminals on our streets.   There is absolutely no reason we should tolerate illegal, or even legal alien criminals on our streets.  It is time for common sense in America.  Let us hope we elect a President in 2016 that has common sense.  As long as Obama is in office, we certainly don't have one today.   

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