Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Obamanistas Playing Games With Reports About ISIS

The Inspector General of the Defense Department has reported that Obamanistas have been playing games concerning reports about ISIS trying to make it look like Obama is succeeding in his fight against ISIS in Iraq and other places.   Apparently, the information coming from various federal government Intelligence Agencies is being massaged by Obamanistas to paint a rosy picture, when in fact ISIS is getting stronger on the ground.   ISIS is no longer an insurgent force of rebels fighting in Iraq and Syria.  As a result of all the thousands of stolen tanks, armored vehicles, heavy weapons and other equipment ISIS has taken from both the Syrian and Iraqi Armies, ISIS is now a well equipped and disciplined army fighting force.

The attacks on ISIS from the air, authorized by Obama, have done little to stop ISIS on the ground.  Only more American ground troops can stop ISIS.  ISIS has the equipment to control the cities they have seized from Iraqi and Syrian forces.  In addition because ISIS is adept at social media, they continue to recruit Terrorists from around the world and or to inspire Terrorist attacks in the US, Europe and other countries.  A 15 year old boy, inspired by ISIS on social media was just arrested outside Philadelphia for attempting to master mind an assassination attempt against Pope Francis during his upcoming visit to the US.   In addition, it is very probable that there are ISIS Terrorists embedded in the refugees attempting to make there way to Europe and the United States, which is a good reason to be very careful about who we let into our country. 

Socialist President Pinocchio Obama will not utter the words Islamic Radical Terrorists in the same sentence.  The message to Obamanistas is clear.   Obama does not want these Terrorist attacks tied to Islam.  That is why the American Ambassador to France, when referring to the potential Terrorist attack on a French Train, did not tie Islam to the Terrorist even though he was tied to ISIS.   It is pretty obvious that Obamanistas are playing games with reports concerning ISIS, first to make Obama look good and second because based on orders from Obama they are downplaying the connection between radical Islam and the Terrorist threat that we face.   Oh what a tangled web they weave when they practice to deceive. 

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