Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Russian Military On The Ground In Syria & The Iran Deal

As millions of Syrians escape their country for Europe and the United States, as a result of the Civil War there, Russia's President Vladamir Putin is sending Russian Troops and Air Force to Syria to support Dictator Bashir Assad.   Now let's put these pieces together.  Iran also supports Assad and is in Syria, as well.   So now Russia and Iran have Syria as a client state, immediately adjacent to Israel, as a platform to attack Israel.   Russia, as Iran's Ally, is selling weapons to Iran even though it violates the provisions of the Iran Deal.  The Ayatollah Dictator of Iran recently said that Israel will not exist within 25 years. 

Given the Iran Deal, which is a sure path to nuclear weapons for Iran, negotiated by Socialist President Neville Chamberlain Obama and Secretary of State John Surrender Kerry,  when Iranian leaders shout Death to America, Death to Israel, we have to take them seriously, recognizing the threat Iran represents, not only to Israel; but to our country.  The Iranians are already saying they will not honor the provisions of the Iran Deal.  Donald Trump is absolutely right, Obama and his Socialist Pals and even some RINOS in Congress are really stupid because they always fail to see the train coming. Iran is an incredible threat to our National Security and to Israel, yet at this point, the votes will not be there in the Senate to strike down the Iran Deal because Socialists in the Senate will vote to support Obama. 

In fact, Socialist Senator Dirty Harry Reid of Nevada, the Minority Leader, will probably use the filibuster to prevent a vote on the Deal altogether.  It is disgraceful.  The blood of many Americans, Europeans and Israeli's that will be murdered by Terrorists, as a result of Iranian support that will be possible with the billions of dollars they will get as part of this Deal, is on Dirty Harry's hands.   

The pieces often described in the Bible that depict Armageddon seems to be coming together.  As is described in the New Testament, the battle for Israel will be fought on the hills of Megiddo in Israel.  Russia is included in this story described as Magog coming from the North.   The Iran Deal is a path to war and a nuclear arms race in the Middle East.  The only thing good about this Deal is that the next President, if a Republican can tear it up the day he or she takes office.   This Deal is another unconstitutional Obama Executive Order.  This Deal should have been submitted to the Senate as a Treaty, requiring a two thirds vote for approval and because that did not happen, the Iran Deal has no validity in US Law.  Let's just hope that the American people are wise enough to elect a Republican committed to striking down the Iran Deal.  If not, disastrous war in the Middle East is inevitable.  Never Again, Never Again.    

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