Thursday, September 10, 2015

Donald Trump Attacks Carly Fiorina's Appearance - Pretty Dumb

In an off the cuff remark, Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump attacked Republican Presidential Candidate Carly Fiorina's appearance then saying, that she is a "woman" and who would vote for her.  Trump tried to walk back this dumb remark by saying he was speaking of her "persona", not her looks, but the damage to him was done.  First of all, this Conservative Male Blogger would vote for her.   And, second of all, Fiorina's has the appearance of a very professional and experienced corporate executive that once ran a huge Fortune 500 company.   Trump is letting his mouth and his ego get the best of him and it will probably cost him the Republican nomination. 

If Trump is serious, it is time for him to get serious demonstrating that he has the focus, discipline and passion to be President of the United States.  Right now we hear a lot of bravado and not very much in specifics.  It is time for Trump to stick to his message; but he definitely needs some scripting.  If Trump wants to attack Fiorina because she was fired from being the CEO of Hewlett Packard, that is fair game, since it is factual.  Jeb Bush does appear to be Low Energy and definitely is an Establishment Republican, who is soft on Immigration and Common Core.   Governor John Kasick took ObamaCare expanded Medicaid into the state of Ohio and Medicaid cost have risen by a billion dollars in just one year.   Job creation in both Wisconsin and especially New Jersey have been pretty mediocre under Governor's Scott Walker and Chris Christie.   Wisconsin and New Jersey State Debt are both still high totally billions of dollars.  And, the facts go on and on and are fair game. 

If Donald Trump wants to be considered a serious candidate, he has to do his homework and stick to the facts.   It also would be nice if he put forward very specific ideas on all the issues that matter to the base of the Republican Party.  Yes, Trump is polling well for now, but gaffs like his remarks related to Carly Fiorina will make Trump's lead short lived.   And, believe me Fiorina is smart and will give it right back at him to advantage herself. 

P.S.  Now if Donald Trump wants to attack Hillarita Clinton's appearance, there are days when she looks like a very tired, old, old woman and then days when she looks great.  Go figure.  

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