Sunday, September 27, 2015

Socialist Pope Francis - Poorly Educated, Wrong & Dangerous

Since Socialist Pope Francis says little about his opposition to Abortion, or Gay Marriage, which are tenets of the Catholic Church and instead speaks of tolerance, the evils of Capitalism, income inequality, the redistribution of income, radical environmentalism, dealing with Climate Change and essentially doing away with national borders to deal with immigration and refugees, the left wing lame stream media, many of whom are atheists, love Pope Francis.  In fact, in watching the coverage of the Pope's trip to Communist Cuba, embracing Dictator and Murderer Fidel Castro and the United States on MSNBC, the Mindless Socialist News Broadcasting Company and CNN, their reporters were down right gushy about the Pope's visit referring to Francis, as the "People's Pope".  That reference is kind of like a Socialist or Communist Messiah.

As an ardently pro-life Conservative Roman Catholic, I see Pope Francis as poorly educated, wrong and dangerous because he is preaching Socialism, an economic system that history teaches us has led to poverty, misery and murder all over the world where and when it has been practiced.  The reason this first ever Jesuit Pope, that comes from the South American tradition of Marxist Liberation Theology is so dangerous is because he speaks with the moral authority of the Catholic Church, which many interpret as the word of God himself. 

Pope Francis is not God and he certainly is not infallible when he is speaking as a Socialist politician advancing the party line.   The problem is that Socialist politicians, like Pinocchio Obama and many other Socialists and Communists in government will attempt to use the Pope's words as some sort of moral justification for their failed big government policies that have actually resulted in higher poverty rates around the world.  Just look at Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea, the old Soviet Union and many other parts of the world, including the United States under Obama that practice Socialism.   Even though some people in Communist China are doing OK, there are several hundred million people living in abject poverty in China.   67 years of Communism has hurt China, certainly not helped it.  Most Socialist countries curtail freedom and can't even feed their own people. 

In supporting Socialist ideology, the Pope demonstrates his ignorance of history and his lack of education related to economic and human development.  Capitalism and Freedom go hand and hand together as clearly indicated in the book by the same name by Milton Friedman, the Nobel Prize winning economist.  It is only Free Market Capitalism, with all its warts and boom and bust cycles that has created more wealth for more people than any other economic system in human history bringing billions of people out of poverty.  When Pope Francis speaks of the evils of Capitalism, presumably in the United States, he is criticizing our way of life and the means that allows American Catholics to be the largest supporters of the Catholic Church in the world.  Talk about biting the hand that is feeding you.  As such, the Pope's pronouncements regarding Capitalism are not only illogical, they are ill informed.  Clearly, this Pope knows nothing of the United States and our history, having never been to America before this trip. 

It was Free Market Capitalism, during the Renaissance that ended the Dark Ages in Europe and eventually led to the American Revolution and the United States as a beacon of freedom around the world.  It is the reason so many people want to enter the United States as immigrants legal and otherwise.   Since our beginnings, people from around the world, including this Blogger's Grandparents have come to the United States for the freedom and economic opportunity, available in our unique Capitalist society, like no other in the world. 

This Blogger is intent on helping the poor through economic development and job creation and by donating to charities that change lives, not by encouraging more people to go on Welfare and Food Stamps, that actually makes them slaves to big government dependence.   Further, contrary to Socialist ideology, the poor are not poor because the rich are rich.  With the exception of the mentally or physically disabled, the able bodied poor are poor because they often lack fortitude, education and job skills and because in many cases, they come from dysfunctional broken families.  We cannot deal with  poverty if we are not at least honest about its causes.   And clearly, big Socialist government usually is the problem, rather than the solution. 

Pope Francis, though presumably well meaning as a spiritual leader, is just plain wrong in his political pronouncements.   The Pope should be preaching personal responsibility, the virtues of education, delayed gratification, hard work and sacrifice, family values and the evils of Socialism and Communism if he really wants to help the poor.  Most important, Pope Francis needs to study history and take Economics 101 to gain a better understanding about the forces of economic development.  Until he does, this Blogger fears that he is leading his flock dangerously astray.  

And, now more than ever, those of us who care about our country and the world, must do all we can to teach Free Market Capitalism to high school and university students that often get nothing but Socialist ideology from the left wing lame stream media and their teachers, that hate Capitalism and have never worked in the real world.   To that list, we must now add Socialist Pope Francis preaching a failed ideology that has only led to poverty, misery and even murder. 

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