Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Make Killing A Cop A Federal Hate Crime

Given the threats against Cops all over America, it is time to make killing a Cop a Federal Crime to best demonstrate the seriousness of this issue as a "hate crime".   The Black Lives Matter Movement is a hate group actually encouraging their followers to kill Cops.   The Justice Department needs to act on the actions of these radicals, Communists and Anarchists to protect Cops.   But don't count on it as long as Obama is President.  In fact, Obama has blood on his hands for encouraging these killers with his words and lack of action when a police officer is killed in cold blood. 

The full weight of the Federal Government, meaning the FBI needs to be involved in first preventing these crimes and when a Cop Killing occurs helping to identify and track down the criminal.   Further, making the killing of a Cop a federal crime means that the Death Penalty is more probable.  What we are seeing is the break down of civil society, particularly in our inner cities.  The police are pulling back from law enforcement in the inner cities of America for fear of being prosecuted and ironically, we are seeing more Black on Black Crime and murders.  It has to stop.

First, All Lives Matter, including the lives of police officers hired to protect all of us.  In some cases, recruitment is down because Cops are being placed in a no win situation.   If they don't enforce the law to prevent murders, they are seen as falling down on the job.   If they do enforce the law, they are accused of police brutality and subject to prosecution.   Look, no one wants to see people of any color shot and killed in the course of an arrest, except as a last resort.  But let's face it.  The inner cities of our country are full of gangs, peddling drugs, fighting for turf and using illegal guns to kill people, often in the line of fire. 

Without the Cops doing their jobs, more innocent people and lots of minorities, in particular, that live in our inner cities would be killed.   We have to make Cop Killing a "hate crime", which means it must become a Federal Crime to put the full force of the Federal Government in place to identify and punish these murderers.   Killing a Cop in cold blood, execution style, is absolutely a hate crime and should be so designated. 

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