Monday, September 14, 2015

Establishment Republicans Complicit In Socialist Creep

Just about all Republicans talk about limiting the size of government, lower taxes and less regulation, a strong national defense, ending deficit spending and paying off the National Debt, limiting abortion etc; but when we give them the chance to actually make these things happen, they either don't really believe in Conservative ideals, or they refuse to use the power we have given them to govern.   The reality is that Establishment Republicans, that have been in office for years, have drunk the Big Government Cool Aide as RINOS.   They along with their Socialists Pals continue to feed at the trough, going along to get along from election to election, just to stay in power, while accomplishing nothing important to the Conservative base of the Republican Party.  Every year, I send them my Republican Report Card and they continue to get Failing marks on all issues. 

This is the reason Donald Trump is surging in the polls.   Trump's slogan about "Making America Great Again" is not only resonating with many Republicans, but also with Independents and some old style Democrats that are fed up with both Establishment Republicans and Socialists even though much of what Trump says has little substance and is even insulting.  People just don't care because they are desperate to elect someone who speaks the truth and is willing to actually deal with the many problems we face. 

Republicans gained control of Congress in the last two election cycles; yet refuse to actually act as the third branch of government confronting Obama on core principles.  They all are supposedly against ObamaCare.  Yet, they vote to fund it.   They oppose Obama's Executive Amnesty Program; yet again they voted to fund it.   They oppose funding Planned Parenthood, yet no doubt once again they will vote to fund it.  They oppose the Obama/Kerry Iran Deal; yet McConnell in the Senate will not suspend the filibuster rule, as Dirty Harry did to enact ObamaCare and approve Socialist judges, to vote it down.  Finally, Establishment Republicans talk about smaller government and ending deficit spending; but when given the opportunity to make government smaller by privatizing the failed VA Medical System and or eliminating the Department of Education, they vote to give these huge bureaucracies even more money. 

And in Nevada, where this Blogger lives, for the first time in decades all state offices and the state legislature are controlled by Republicans.  Yet in a huge betrayal, just a few months after election, Brian Sandoval, the RINO Governor of Nevada and the RINO controlled state legislature, right out of the Socialist Playbook, enacted the biggest tax and spending increase in Nevada history.   There is no doubt that Establishment Republicans are part of the problem, bankrupting our states and country, rather than part of the solution.   They have to go.

Establishment Republicans have been complicit in the 100 years of Socialist Creep that has given us our soon to be 19 Trillion National Debt and about 150 Trillion dollars of unfunded liability for local, state and federal Entitlements and public employee pensions.   Establishment Republicans and Socialists are both responsible for the coming economic collapse of the United States and the resultant civil strife on our streets that will follow.  Conservatives in America are mad as hell and we are not going to take it anymore.  This Conservative will no longer support any Republican that votes to raise taxes and grow government no matter who the Socialist alternative may be.  Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me dozens of times and it is just not going to happen anymore.  I am done with RINOS forever because they too are destroying our country.   

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