Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Hillary Clinton Opposes Keystone Pipeline

Finally, in order to appeal to environmental wackos, Hillary Clinton came out against the Keystone Pipeline.  What could Hillarita do.  Common sense went out the door because she is running against Socialist Bernie Sanders, who is doing well in the polls and getting more people at his political events than Hilly.  This just proves that Hillary Clinton is running scared.  She is willing to risk union support and union jobs to keep her left wing base happy.  

Like all Socialists, Hillary Clinton does not understand that we need an all of the above energy policy that includes oil, oil and gas shale, natural gas, nuclear, clean coal, bio fuels and renewables in order to be completely energy independent.  This is the only way to maintain, or raise the standard of living for all Americans and for all peoples around around the world.  This is also a National Security issue.   We have to end our dependence on Middle Eastern Oil to end our involvement there.  We should be focused on research and development to make all energy sources cleaner, safer and cheaper, rather than attempting to tax carbon energy, while subsidizing renewable energy that cannot power an industrialized nation today. 

The end result of all this "green" talk, rather than an all of the above approach, will be higher energy costs at the expense of the poor and middle class in the United States and all other countries.  The rich will always have whatever energy they need to live a good life.   In the end, it will be the poor and the middle class that experiences a lower standard of living, as more and more of their incomes must go to purchase energy, instead of other discretionary items to make life more enjoyable. 

An all of the above energy policy is the key to economic development and job creation.  We need cheap energy in the United States and lower taxes to bring back and grow manufacturing jobs in our country.  It is just that simple.  So, not only are Hillary and her Socialist pals in government killing jobs related to the Keystone Pipeline, they are killing jobs all over our country by refusing to accept an all of the above energy policy.  Donald Trump is right.  Many of our elected officials and Socialists in particular are really "stupid". 

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