Saturday, September 26, 2015

Obama's IRS Gestapo & Frivolous Audits

Everybody knows that the IRS has been highly politicized by the Obama Administration.  Through the IRS Scandal, we know that Conservatives and Conservatives Groups have been targeted for Audits by the IRS Gestapo.   This Blogger is no exception.   As a Daily Conservative Blogger, with a radio show by the same name in Reno, Nevada where I live, I regularly have to deal with frivolous IRS Audits that waste my time and that have resulted in no monies owed the government.  But to deal with them, naturally I incur accounting and sometimes legal fees.  

In the dumbest IRS Audit yet, the IRS questioned by 2012 Mortgage Deduction.   These numbers come right off forms sent the IRS directly by the banks in questions.  Since we own two homes and at the time had two mortgages, formulas have to be used to determine the actual deduction.   However, since we are always very conservative in our tax filings, it turns out that we under filed my mortgage deduction.  As a result, we got back a refund for $83.70 from the IRS.  How nice. 

It cost me $1,379 in accounting fees to respond to this ridiculous Audit.   Since this sort of thing has been going on for years, I have been pushing my Republican Congressman Mark Amodei and my Republican Senator Dean Heller to sponsor an IRS Loser Pays law, with legal language that we provided them, to end these frivolous lawsuits and penalize the IRS when the tax payer prevails, by requiring the IRS to pay the taxpayer's legal, or accounting fees when the the Audit is unfounded.   Of course, on this issue like so many others, my Republican elected representatives have done nothing to make this happen. 

Matter of fact, both Amodei and Heller, like so many Republican Members of Congress have accomplished absolutely nothing important to the Conservative base of the Republican Party while serving in Congress for years.  This is the reason we Conservatives are so disgusted with those we elected to take back our country by pushing back 100 years of Socialist Creep.  These characters are a bunch of empty suits, just focused on reelection, so that they can continue feeding at the trough at our expense.  I for one have had it. 

My IRS Loser Pays Law is a no brainer.  Given the IRS Scandals, the time is absolutely right to get this done.    Mr. Amodei, Mr. Heller, what are you waiting for.   We don't pay you just to sit in Committee Meetings, half asleep, getting nothing important done.  You actually need to get big things done for the money we pay you if you want to be reelected.  We don't care if you have to shut down the government to make big things happen.   It's about time that you walk the Conservative talk, rather than just talking it.    

P.S.  Now that Boehner is gone, McConnell should be next.   We need Street Fighters that are willing to play Dirty in Republican Leadership in Congress; please no more empty suit RINO Wimps.   

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