Sunday, September 6, 2015

Veterans Affairs Scandal - Going From Bad To Worse

Since the Veterans Affairs Scandal surfaced in 2014, we now learn that about 238,000 Vets out of 847,000 waiting for services DIED  presumably because they could not get the medical care they needed.  These are obviously Vets that must have had no other health insurance so they were at the mercy of this government Socialized Medical System.   Veterans Affairs Secretary Robert MacDonald, the former CEO of Proctor & Gamble, may have been good at selling soap, but he has failed to clean up the mess at the VA because he continues to ask for more money to grow the VA even bigger.  In fact, MacDonald has been given billions of dollars, by Congress to build more VA facilities; but MacDonald says he needs billions more to provide proper services.  Baloney!!

This is a FAILED Government System like so many other big government programs.  Throwing more money at the problem will not provide better health care for Vets.  In fact, we need a private sector solution.  All VA facilities should be auctioned off to the highest bidder.  Private Hospital Systems will buy these government hospitals and clinics and make them work.  Then Vets should be given a Vetecare Card to pay for all medical services and or to supplement other insurances like Medicare and or ObamaCare for as long as it stays around so that Vets experience no out of pocket medical expenses.   This Vetecare Card would allow Vets to go to any doctor or hospital for services.  Those that provide poor services will simply not get the business.  That is how Free Market Capitalism works.

There is absolutely no reason the government should be in the Medical Services business.   Obviously, the Veterans Affairs Administration has proven that it cannot do the job.  And, even with this huge government failure, very few government employees have been fired, even those that cooked the books to get higher bonuses.  We have to shrink the size of government.   Eliminating VA Medical facilities is a great place to start.   It would save billions of dollars every year and Vets would get better medical services. 

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