Monday, September 21, 2015

Dealing With Refugees Coming From The Middle East

We need a comprehensive plan to deal with Refugees coming out of the Middle East.  It has been reported that 70% of these people, streaming across borders to Europe are Syrian, Iraqi, or even Afghan men age 18 - 35.  These are the very people that should remain behind to fight for freedom in their own countries.   So rather than accept any of these young men into European Countries, or the United States, we should arm them to fight and destroy those that are killing their people, in particular ISIS Radical Islamic Fanatics. 

Many of these young men are sitting in Jordon and Turkey in Refugee Camps.   Why not arm and train them to be Freedom Fighters in a coalition army led by the United States.  There are millions of these Refugees.  The only Refugees we should accept into Europe, or the United States should be older people, women and children and in particular Arab Christians that are being slaughtered.  It is time for these young Arab Moslem men to stand up and fight to stop the murder, rape and slavery that is happening in their countries at the hands of ISIS. 

As usual, we see no common sense on the world stage.  These young Arab Moslem men that are running away to Europe and the United States are running to what they perceive to be cradle to grave welfare states.  Rather than take any of them, we should build training camps in Turkey, Jordon and Saudi Arabia to train them to take back their countries.  As usual, Socialist President Pinocchio Obama is missing in action.  Obama was given $500 million by Congress to train Freedom Fighters in Syria.  So far about 4 remain alive.  The few others that were trained are all dead.  Here is an opportunity to field a very large army to defeat Radical Islam.  Obama should insist that these young men fight to take back their countries, or provide them no support at all.  Donald Trump is right. Our leaders are "stupid". 

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