Monday, September 7, 2015

Big Labor Does Not Support Hillarita Clinton

Big Labor Unions are urging Crazy Vice President Joe Biden to jump in and challenge Hillarita Clinton for the Socialist nomination for President.  Labor sees Hillary and Bill Clinton as rich Fat Cats, which is true since they have made millions of dollars after Bubba left the Presidency.  By Washington standards, Joe Biden, who is not rich, is the pauper better positioned to represent Big Unions.  Biden who grew up in Pennsylvania is thought of as a man of the people and Labor in particular.  Labor blames Bill Clinton for the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) that has resulted in shipping many union jobs out of the US to Mexico.  They have never forgiven the Socialists for putting NAFTA in place. 

And now, Socialist President Obama pushed through the Trans-Pacific Partnership to stimulate free trade between the US and various Asian countries that will result in even more union jobs being shipped to Asia.   There are winners and losers in these trade deals.  The majority of the American people usually win as a result of these trade deals by getting lower prices at Wal Mart and other stores; but it is true that union members are usually big losers because they cannot compete with workers, willing to work for much less, in other countries.   This is the reason millions of manufacturing jobs that used to be in the US are now in China.  Robotics have not helped either.  Tesla cars are mostly manufacturered in California by robots.  And, these facts of life will not change no matter who is elected President.  Unions pushing for higher compensation and benefits and crazy labor laws in the US will only push more jobs overseas as has been happening for 30 years. 

Hillarita refuses to take a stand on the Trans-Pacific Partnership because when she was Secretary of State, she supported it.  And, to be candid, the big companies that support Hillary Clinton are for the Trans-Pacific Partnership.  While it is bad for US Big Labor, with membership falling for decades, these trade agreements in general are good for most other Americans and companies.   

If Hillary Clinton cannot maintain the coalition that Obama put together, which includes Big Labor, Minorities, Radical Feminists, Students, Wacko Environmentalists and Gays, if nominated as the Socialist candidate, she will lose the election.  The Socialist candidate, who ever he or she is, must maintain this coalition to win.  Biden, though he will be around 74 years old on  election day, has a better chance of maintaining that coalition.  As Hillarita's email scandal unfolds, it is very likely that Joe Biden will jump into the race.  If he does, there is a good chance that Biden will defeat Hilly in the primaries. 

However, there is an even better chance that any one of the Republicans running can defeat Biden, who will be portrayed as running for Obama's Third Term.   Everything bad about Obama will be hung around Biden's neck like a lead anchor.  The next year should be very interesting and good theater especially with Donald Trump in the race.   

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