Sunday, September 20, 2015

Socialist Pope Francis Coming To America

This Blogger is an ardently Pro Life, Conservative American Roman Catholic, who is not a supporter of Socialist Pope Francis.  As a result of Pope Francis' left wing political pronouncements, this Blogger has cut our donations to the Catholic Church.  Our money is instead going to charitable organizations that change lives.  My wife and I attended a Papal Audience with Pope John Paul II in Rome and Pope Francis is no John Paul.  Pope John Paul understood the evils of Fascism, Communism and Socialism because he had lived through them.  That is why Pope John Paul adamantly opposed the Communist Liberation Theology, which has been prevalent in South America, that is the basis for Pope Francis' Ideological belief system.

Jesus said "Render on to Caesar what is Caesar's", which was an admonition to his followers to stay out of politics.  Pope Francis did not get the message as he lectures us on the evils of free market capitalism and climate change as an Obama Socialist.   Pope Francis, who has never been to America, lectures Americans about their wealth and he is not just talking about the rich.   It is actually troubling that Francis never had the intellectual curiosity to travel to the United States and other countries because it limits his understanding of the world.  Francis would have the Middle Class in America live a lower standard of living to redistribute their wealth, as well, to poor countries. 

The fact of the matter is that Americans in general give more money to charities than any other nation on earth, including being the biggest financial supporter of the Catholic Church in the world.  And, it is free market capitalism, not Socialism, that makes that generosity possible.  Pope Francis admittedly knows nothing about economics and as such his pronouncements about free market capitalism are not only ill advised, they are down right ridiculous.  

Free Market Capitalism, with all its warts and boom and bust cycles, has created more wealth for more people than an other economic system in the world.  It is Socialism and Communism that have led to misery, poverty and even murder around the world in every country where they have been been practiced.  That is history not theological fiction. 

Specific to Climate Change, once again Pope Francis, who is not a scientist, has bought into the Socialist war on carbon as a means of raising taxes, to redistribute income and lower the standard of living for people in the first world to help the people in the third world.  That position is just down right dumb and ultimately will not help the poor at all.   We need an all of the above energy policy that includes oil, natural gas, oil and gas shale, nuclear and renewables to raise the standard of living around the world for everyone, not lower it.  

We need to make all forms of energy cleaner, safer and cheaper if the goal is to deal with poverty.  Pope Francis, like all Socialists, is just plain wrong related to Climate Change and really should stick to theology.   In addition, this Blogger would suggest that Pope Francis do a better job actually managing the Catholic Church, which like all bureaucracies, probably should be downsized so that more money can actually be used to help the poor.  

Finally, millions of babies are being murdered around the world every year by abortion.  My hope is that Pope Francis will bring greater focus to supporting LIFE when he meets with Socialist President Obama who even supports partial birth abortion.   I doubt very much that Pope Francis will bring up LIFE in a very meaningful way during his trip to America because for some reason Socialists are intent on killing babies.   This is a sin against humanity worse than any other happening in the world today, even worse than the murders committed by ISIS.  

The Pope needs to call abortion evil and the devil's work in no uncertain terms; but don't count on it because it is not Politically Correct for any left wing politician to condemn abortion.   God will decide on this Pope's tenure.  Hopefully, the next Pope will be better educated concerning economics and more able to deal with poverty around the world. 

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