Friday, September 4, 2015

Kentucky County Clerk Case - Not About Religious Freedom

Kentucky County Clerk Kim Davis has refused to issue marriage licenses to gay couples, even though it is part of her job.   Davis claims that Gay Marriage violates her Religious Beliefs and therefore she cannot sign her name to a Marriage License for a Gay Couple.   Unfortunately, for Davis an elected Democrat, she does not get to pick and choose who gets marriage licenses, since Gay Marriage has been declared legal by the Supreme Court, no matter how many Americans disagree with the decision.  Davis must either do her job or resign.   The judge that sent her to jail should have just given her that option, rather than lock her up.  Perhaps, the judge could have ordered her pay withheld if she refuses to do her job.  That action makes more sense than putting Davis in jail. 

However, this is the outcome of Obama refusing to execute the laws on the books related to Illegal Aliens, ObamaCare, Federal Marijuana Laws, EPA Authority, Planned Parenthood and selling baby parts and many other laws that Obama just chooses to ignore.  If Obama can disregard the laws on the books, why not Kim Davis.  What is the difference. 

And, the Kim Davis case in no way is the same as the baker, flower shop owner, or caterer that chooses not to do a Gay Wedding because they believe Gay Marriage is contradictory to their religious beliefs.   No business owner should be forced to violate their 1st Amendment Rights, under penalty of jail time and or huge fines that put them out of business.  Kim Davis as an elected, government employee that must do her job, or resign.  Issuing marriage licenses to those eligible to marry is part of her job.  Davis does not get to pick and choose who she will issue marriage licenses to as long as they meet other common state requirements related to marriage. 

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