Thursday, September 3, 2015

Establishment Republican Jeb Bush Fighting For His Political Life

Establishment Republican Jeb Bush is fighting for his political life as he deals with daily attacks by Candidate Donald Trump.   Trump calls Bush "low energy".  This is actually a reference to John McCain and Mitt Romney, that many in the Republican Party thought were not aggressive enough in dealing with Obama during those campaigns.  Bush might be too nice to win.  And, there is no doubt that Jeb Bush, though a Conservative on most issues, is mushy on Immigration, Iran and Common Core, which are all hot button issues for Conservative Republicans. 

And, then there is the Bush name.   While Bush's are all honorable people, their Presidencies where not that successful, as measured by Conservative values and ideology.  George Bush, the father, violated his "read my lips" promise and raised taxes, which cost him reelection.  George W Bush II left the country in a real mess.  Both Bush's never dealt with the Deficit and the National Debt.  Why on earth should anyone believe that Jeb Bush III would be any better.   Jeb Bush, in the spirit of getting things done, would compromise with Socialists and we would see more Socialist Creep.  What Establishment Republicans don't seem to understand is that Conservatives don't care if the government is shut down in order to deal with the National Debt and roll back 100 years of Socialist Creep.   We don't want a Republican President reaching across the aisle, unless it is to get a few Socialists to vote for Conservatives policies. 

We want a tough Conservative President that will get the job done; not another Establishment Republican willing to reach across the aisle giving us more Socialist Creep.  That behavior has led to an $18 Trillion National Debt with no end in sight.  We don't want more of the same.  This Blogger does not support Jeb Bush because I think we will get more of the same if he is the next President of the United States.   We need a Conservative President willing to stand up and say ENOUGH on a myriad of issues.  This Blogger does not believe that Jeb Bush would be that President.  Bush is part of the "Club" and those in the Club go along to get along.  That is why our country is such a mess and facing bankruptcy. 

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