Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Former Clinton Aide Taking The Fifth - Just More Lies

Here we go again.  Bryan Pagliano, an IT Specialist and former aide to Hillary Clinton, during her first Presidential Campaign in 2008, apparently set up the Servers in Clinton's home, while she was Secretary of State, that have become so controversial related to Clinton's E-Mail Scandal.  Pagliano was paid in 2009 by a Political Action Committee supporting Clinton.  Pagliano has stated that he will take the Fifth, if subpoenaed by Congress, rather than testify against his boss, Hillary Clinton. 

Oh what a tangled web they weave when the practice to deceive.  While this whole deal may involve Classified Materials, that is the tip of an ugly iceberg involving the Clinton Foundation, the Clinton's Family Business.   It is becoming pretty obvious that the Clinton's were trading favorable treatment by the State Department for monies paid to Bill Clinton for speeches and donations to the Clinton Foundation.  This was all about Pay to Play and the foreign countries and others that donated millions to the Clinton Foundation and paid Bubba to speak for $200,000, or more dollars a speech, were well aware of the Scam. 

This is the reason Hilly erased thousands of "personal" emails that would have proved the Scam.  Why should anyone be surprised by any of this.  The Clinton's have always acted as though they are above the law.  This is same old same old only in this case, the Clinton's have become rich playing the game.  Obviously, Bubba and Hilly are no longer "dead broke". 

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