Saturday, September 5, 2015

Hillary Cllinton Now Says She Just Didn't "Stop And Think" - Really

Socialist candidate for President, Hillary Clinton now says that when she assumed the office of Secretary of State, she was so busy with doing the job that she did not "stop and think" about having a non government owned server put in place to deal with her emails.   Really??   Obviously, the easiest thing to do would have been to use the government IT apparatus to deal with her emails in accordance with the law.  But no, given their legal history, the Clinton's knew exactly what they were doing when they hired a Government IT Nerd, who is now taking the Fifth, rather than testify before Congressional Committees, when they had Bryan Pagliano, later hired at the State Department, to set up their personal server.  

Remember this is the Clinton's.  Bubba Clinton committed perjury in the Monica Lewinsky Scandal and was disbarred.   Hillary Clinton, at the age of 27 years old, served as counsel to the House Judiciary Committee dealing with Watergate, until she was FIRED by Jeff Zeifman, Chief of Staff for the House Judiciary Committee, for a variety of self serving unethical practices in violation of House Rules.  Zeifman later said that Hillary Clinton should have been disbarred.  It seems that behind the scenes, Hilly was working for Ted Kennedy, who did not want to see Nixon impeached because they feared testimony that might involve the election of John Kennedy and the Bay of Pigs fiasco.   Further, after Hillary Clinton was fired; she went on to assist the legal team defending Ted Kennedy in the Chappaquiddick Scandal.  This woman has really dirty hands. 

Does anyone really believe that Hillary and Bill Clinton somehow put this server in place just to do it.  No, given the Clinton's legal history, they wanted to control information that would be made public after Hilly served in office because they knew she would be running for President.   Those 30,000, or more, "personal" emails that Hilly deleted probably were full of interactions concerning the family business, the Clinton Foundation.  There is no doubt that the Clinton's were paid monies by foreign governments and others to buy influence.  This was a pay to play scheme.  Remember, Hilly said they were "dead broke" when they left the White House, mostly because of all their legal expenses.  And, Hilly, like Scarlett O'Hara in Gone With the Wind vowed never to be hungry again as they created the Clinton Foundation to get rich.  Bubba told us he had to work to pay the family's bills when they left the White House.  Bubba worked all right in a huge shake down scheme to make the Clinton's rich. 

And, the Clinton Foundation is reminiscent of the Foundation set up by Evita Peron, the First Lady of Argentina, during the Juan Peron Dictatorship in the 50's.   Evita used the Foundation to shake down businesses to buy influence with the government.  Some of the money went to the poor; but a lot more went into the Peron's bank accounts.   Hillarita like Evita is a Liar, Crook and Con Artist.  When Hillary, touted by the left wing to be brilliant, says she just did not "stop and think", she obviously believes that the American people are really stupid.   Well many of her supporters are really stupid; but not the rest of us. 

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