Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Donald Trump's Common Sense Immigration Plan

Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump has dared to go where no one before him has gone before related to the Immigration Issue.  However, most of what he is proposing in old news and just Common Sense.   Secure the border.  Utilize an E-Verify system to make sure that companies are hiring American citizens and or legal residents.   Put in place a guest worker program.  Deport known criminals.  End federal funding for Sanctuary Cities.   All Republican candidates support these ideas.  

Where Trump runs into the trouble is his plan to deport other Illegal Aliens, including those with American born children, then presumably giving them the ability to return to the country legally under some sort of guest worker program.  First, this is never going to happen, particularly related to those Illegal Aliens with American born children.   And second, it makes no sense anyway.  It would be better to have these people pay a fine and just register for whatever legal status they will be given, other than a path to citizenship, than to somehow force them to leave and then come back.   This would not only be disruptive to them; but to our society. 

Further, Trump's Plan concerning birth right issues is correct.   The 14th Amendment to the Constitution that was used to provide Freed Slaves after the Civil War with Citizenship has been used to provide anyone born in the United States, whether from Citizens, Illegal Aliens, or even legal residents with American citizenship.   Very few countries in the world, if any, allow this to occur and neither should we.  However, since the Supreme Court has ruled on this issue, whether rightly or wrongly, it would require a Constitutional Amendment saying that at least one biological parent must be an American citizen for a child born in the United States to be a citizen.  If elected President, Donald Trump would never be able to do this on his own. 

It is time for a Common Sense discussion and Immigration Reform to deal with this issue once and for all.   We have to control our border if we are to remain a sovereign nation.  Donald Trump has brought attention to this issue like never before and that is a good thing.

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