Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Veterans Affairs Scandal Getting Worse

The Veterans Affairs Scandal is getting worse.   Over 110 Veterans Affairs medical facilities kept secret files concerning their ability to provide services to VETS to pump up the numbers to earn bonuses.  Originally, the new VA Administrator, now in charge, claimed that he fired 60 employees related to this mess.  Then that number was revised down to 14.  Now it turns out that only one VA employee has been fired, Phoenix VA Hospital Director Sharon Helman.  The rest got a slap on the wrist while continuing to be paid. 

And, despite receiving an additional $16 Billion in funds to deal with service problems and build new facilities, the new hospital being built in Denver, that is half finished, is $1 Billion over budget.  It is very clear that the VA, like many government agencies, commissions, departments etc. is broken.  It is time to privatize the Veterans Affairs department of government by selling it off to the private sector.  There is no reason to have Veterans Affairs hospitals and other facilities that are leading to poor service for VETS.  If the government wants to pay for medical care for VETS, which is justified, they can either be given ObamaCare at government expense, or just put on a version of Medicare so they can go to any doctor that will take government benefits. 

We don't need another huge government bureaucracy, in this case, hospitals filled with union government employees to take care of VETS.  Those facilities can and should all be sold off to the highest bidders and taken private.  The staff, hospitals and other facilities would not go away.  They would just all be working in the private system so the result will be better service for VETS, no longer trapped in a poorly managed government system.  The Free Market will solve the problem.  Those facilities that provide poor service will go out of business as VETs change instead to doctors and facilities that can meet their needs.  In the mean time, Veterans Affairs employees responsible for the cooked books should be fired and bonus monies illegally earned should be returned to the taxpayer.  Don't hold your breath.  Incompetence and corruption in government are always rewarded instead.  Go figure. 

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