Friday, May 29, 2015

The Clinton's - Pay To Play Shenanigans

The Clinton Foundation Scandal just gets bigger by the day.  In the latest revelation, Bubba Clinton agreed to accept a Life Time Achievement Award at a Happy Hearts Fund Gala, after founder Czech model Petra Nemcova agreed to give the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation a $500,000 donation.   Just imagine, this charitable group was trying to honor Bubba; but to accept the honor, Bubba demanded a big donation.  Bill Clinton recently said of all his questionable business activities that he had to work to "pay his bills" as though the Clinton's, reported to be worth more than $120 million, are living hand to mouth. 

Virginia Republican Governor Bob McDonald went to jail for accepting a few thousands dollar worth of gifts.  New Jersey Democrat Senator Robert Menendez has been indicted, by the Obama Justice Department, for presumably accepting about a million dollars worth of gifts.  The Clinton's have accepted hundreds of millions of dollars in their Pay To Play Schemes that have made their family multi millionaires.  If Hillary Clinton, was any other candidate running for the Presidency, rather than the darling of the left wing lame stream media, she would be forced to pull out of the race because of all the shenanigans that continue to surface.   

Let's face it, the Clinton's have used their positions in office and their global contacts to gain more wealth than any other President in American history.  Yet, Hilly claims she wants to be the champion of the poor and middle class, while at the same time she and her husband have done anything and everything possible to line their pockets.  And, let's not forget that little Chelsea, their young daughter, is reported to be paid $600,000 a year to run their Foundation.   Not bad for a 30 something year old woman with no significant work experience.  The Clinton Foundation is the family business.  Hopefully, the Clintons have done some good work with these tax deductible donations; but most of all, they have used this Foundation to become very wealthy.  It is what it is.

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