Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Obama Library & Foundation Going To Chicago

Socialist Emperor Pinocchio Veto Obama has announced that his Presidential Library will be going to the South Side of Chicago.  How appropriate!!  The city of Chicago is facing bankruptcy because of years of Socialist rule and Schemes.  The murder and poverty rate in Chicago are among the highest in the nation.   Chicago public schools stink.  And, the city of Chicago and state of Illinois in particular, also a fiscal mess, run by Socialists for years, with more than $100 Billion of unfunded liability for state pensions and other benefits, is also near bankruptcy.  Yet, no doubt, Socialists from all over the world will flock to Chicago to worship at the shrine of Obama; one of their own.  So, it will be good for business as is the case with every Presidential Library. 

Obama is putting his library in the city where he was a Community Organizer and Law Professor at the University of Chicago, rather than in Hawaii where he was presumably born, or in California, New York City, or Boston where he went to university.  Michelle Obama too is a Chicago girl.  It was in Chicago that she was paid several hundred thousand dollars a year from a hospital system, to work part time, in order to buy influence with her husband when he served in the US Senate. 

Corruption in Chicago and Illinois is rampant.  Since the Obama Administration has been one of the most incompetent and corrupt in American history, it is only fitting that the Obama Library would be in Chicago, a city long known for corruption and cronyism.  This is a marriage made in heaven.  Bankrupt Chicago and Illinois will be home to the Presidential Library of President Obama, who has added more to our National Debt, currently at $18 Trillion with no end in sight, than all other 43 Presidents combined.  Yep, Chicago is the right place for the Obama Presidential Library.  

Fortunately, Presidential Libraries are maintained by the Federal Government, so for the most part not depenedent on the State of Illinois, or Chicago for maintenance.  Oh wait a minute, the Federal Government is headed toward bankruptcy too thanks to Obama.  Guess Obamanistas will have to raise their own money, through the Obama Foundation, to take care of the place.  Not to worry though because all they have to do is follow the Clinton Foundation Model;  plenty of money out there to buy influence and take care of the Obama's graves, presumably at the Library. 

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