Friday, May 22, 2015

ISIS Is Winning In The Middle East

As ISIS takes town after town in Iraq and Syria, Socialist Emperor Pinocchio Veto Obama still claims his strategy to stop them is working.   Obviously, the President is delusional.  Clearly, American Air Strikes alone are not working.  This is World War II history repeating itself.   ISIS is a group of Islamic Fanatics attempting to create a Caliphate under their control throughout the Middle East.  This is really a struggle between Iran, as Shia Muslims and Radical Sunni Muslims so we can expect to see the continued militarization of Iran, including their development of nuclear weapons.   In this case, Iran is just as fearful about these Islamic fanatics as they are about the United States and Israel.  Don't forget they already fought a long and bloody war with Iraq, when it was being run by Sunni's. 

So Obama can fiddle while the Middle East burns; but ultimately the United States will have to lead a coalition of nations to stop ISIS, the same way we did during World War II to stop the Nazi's from dominating Europe and the Japanese from dominating Asia.  It is just a matter of time.  This means bringing together Western nations, presumably NATO, along with more moderate Arab nations, Israel and maybe even Iran to stop ISIS from gaining more control over the Middle East.  As it is now, ISIS is just a few miles outside Baghdad, the location of the biggest American Embassy in the world.  We certain cannot stand by and watch Baghdad fall. 

Assuming things remain pretty much status quo, until January 20, 2017 and Obama is gone, it may be the next President of the United States that has to build this coalition, which will include more US boots on the ground.   In the mean time, more Christians, Jews and Muslims will brutally die at the hands of ISIS.  Pinocchio Obama does not have the guts to take on these Terrorists.   It will fall on the next President of the United States to clean up Obama's mess. 

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