Sunday, May 10, 2015

Thousands Of ISIS Terrorists In The US

The FBI has reported that there are thousands of ISIS Terrorists in the US.  Whether these are lone wolf's, or others actually affiliated with ISIS directly does not matter, the fact is that these are Islamic Fanatics out to kill Americans on our soil.   We recently saw an attempt to murder dozens of people in Texas that was foiled by security, as two Islamic Terrorists drove from Arizona to Texas in an attempt to carry out their plot.   These Terrorists were shot dead, which is good, but had there been no security, it is likely that there would have been a very different outcome.   It is pretty obvious that the government needs to step of up surveillance of these identified Islamic Fanatics.  And, if that means religious profiling then so be it.  If Muslims don't turn in the radicals among them, when they are known, then Muslim communities must come under additional scrutiny.  Further, we must secure our Border to stop these Terrorists from entering our country.  What choice is there.  

And,  there needs to be a lot more security in places where people congregate; movie theaters, shopping mall, schools, sporting events, entertainment venues etc.   And, rather than limiting law abiding citizens right to carry guns, we should allow people, that legally own guns, to carry them.  Islamic Fanatic Terrorists need to know that if they attempt a Terrorist act, they will be shot dead on the spot.  While they may not care about being killed, thinking that martyrdom will somehow get them a place in heaven with seven virgins, our only concern should be that these Terrorists not be allowed to succeed in murdering Americans. 

This does not mean violating the rights of all Americans by some kind of bulk surveillance.  We have seen the IRS and Justice Department targeting Conservative and other religious groups that they see as enemies of Obama.  Clearly government cannot be trusted, so we cannot allow this over reach.  Members of the Tea Party and religious groups that oppose gay marriage and or abortion are not Terrorists.  We are Conservative Americans that oppose left wing Socialist ideology; but we fight at the ballot box, not by killing anybody.   Bulk Surveillance could be used to as an attempt to silence Conservatives and that is not acceptable.   Let's focus on Islamic Fanatic Terrorists please that are out to murder Christians, Jews, Muslims and anybody else that opposes their crazy ideology and leave the rest of us alone.     

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