Friday, May 1, 2015

Justice For All In Baltimore & Mob Rule

Six police officers have been charged with various crimes, including murder for the death of Freddie Gray in the course of his arrest, without a Grand Jury investigation.  This was probably a political rush to judgement by a young and inexperienced Black Baltimore State Attorney, Marilyn Mosley, to prevent more rioting.    In fact, in making the charges, this young Black State Attorney sounded more like a cheerleader for the Rioters than a professional Prosecutor.   Mosley, who has a conflict of interest in all of this because of connections to the city and the Attorney for Freddie Gray succumbed to Mob Rule, which is a very bad precedent.  Now, we will see more Riots not less when similar cases come up in the future and more unjustified criminal trials forcing Cops into court to defend themselves. 

There is more than a good likelihood that this death will be ruled accidental, unless the prosecutor can actually prove that these six officers conspired to kill Freddie Gray, by perhaps beating him to death, which is highly unlikely, particularly since he did not die until several days after his arrest.  And by the way, Freddie Gray, who was a convicted drug dealer, was arrested in a part of Baltimore known for murders and drug dealing.  In any case, there is a very good chance that some, or all of these officers will be acquitted and then what?  No Justice No Peace, the chant of the Rioters that destroyed property, looted stores and injured Cops, some seriously, will kick in and the riots will recur because in the end Mob Rule will not prevail.

Whatever happens, this Blogger is calling for Justice for all concerned.  If the Cops are guilty of wrong doing, they should go to jail.  More likely the city should be found liable for maintaining an arrest van with metal siding, within the van, that could have been the cause of this accidental death, since Gray apparently was bounced around the van on the way to the police station.   It is important to realize as well that Gray did not die until several days after being hospitalized.  Clearly, Gray did not die at the hands of these police officers. 

At the same time, the Thugs that destroyed property, looted stores and injured Cops, many caught on video should be prosecuted and if found guilty should also go to jail.  What we saw in Baltimore and other cities is the complete break down of civil society.   These Thugs committed felonies that cannot go unpunished if we are to remain a Civil Society.   Property owners and those injured all deserve Justice, as well. 

Further, Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings - Blake should resign.  This woman ordered the police to stand down while Thugs were burning the city, looting stores and throwing bricks, rocks and bottles at police officers.   She actually said that a little property destruction was OK, in so many words.  Blake ordered the police, during the first day of the Riot, to not suit up in Riot Gear, exposing several of them to injuries.   Blake who previously referred to these criminals as Thugs and later apologized for calling them Thugs, even though President Pinocchio Veto Obama used the exact same term.   The Rioters were Thugs or worse.  Mayor Rawlings - Blake proved that she is not up to the job.  She has to go. 

Finally, since the police did not respond to 911 calls and did nothing to protect property and businesses, to the extent that any of these property owners and businesses suffer losses that are not covered by insurance, the city should be liable.   Property Owners and impacted businesses should file a class action lawsuit against the Mayor and the city seeking damages.   Again, we need to see Justice for all in Baltimore.   What we also saw in Baltimore are decades of Socialist rule and the failure that comes with it. 

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