Thursday, May 7, 2015

NSA Spying On All Americans Ruled Illegal

The 2nd US Circuit Court of Appeals recently ruled that the National Security Agency (NSA) spying on all Americans through collection of telephone records in bulk exceeds the Congressional Authority allowing them to do this.  Big Brother has been stopped for now pending Congressional Action.  What we do need to happen is Terrorist Profiling, not to be confused with Racial Profiling.   We know that the biggest threat we face today is coming from Radical Islamic Fanatics. 

So we need to track the travel, phone and email records etc of these people.   They are probably a small percentage of Muslims in the United States and other countries; but to find them we have to look among them.  This Blogger is an Italian American.  If Italian Americans were committing Terrorist Acts on a regular basis, though I might not like it, in the name of National Security, the government would have every right to determine if I was a Terrorist, even if it means looking into my phone and email records.

There is reasonable cause for the government to watch what is happening in Muslim communities in the United States and beyond because ISIS continues to expand their reach.  The two Terrorists recently killed in Texas, before they could commit their act of Terror, were acting in the name of ISIS.   One of those Terrorists was on an FBI watch list.  How and why he was allowed to get so close to murdering a bunch of people meeting to draw pictures of Mohammad is a big question.   

The NSA has been spying on all Americans in violation of the Constitution guaranteeing a right to privacy and illegal searches and seizures.  Clearly, we have to balance these rights to stop the Terrorists out to murder Christians, Jews, other Muslims and basically anyone who does not share their belief system.  We know that these Terrorists are Radical Islamic Fanatics.  If the Muslim community does not turn in the Radical among them, once discovered, then the government must find them and control their activities.  What other choice is there? 

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