Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Michelle Obama - Angry Black Woman

Instead of being a role model for all Americans and most of all Blacks in America concerning the American Dream, Michelle Obama often prefers to be the "Angry Black Woman" seeking to divide our nation.   It started when Michelle said that she was FINALLY proud of America as a result of the election of her husband.   Forget about all the good America has done in the world throughout our history, it was ONLY the election of Pinocchio that made her proud.  Really??   And, now in recent speeches, Michelle claims that she has been held to a higher standard than other First Ladies.  What the hell is she talking about.  The only thing the American people expect from a First Lady is poise, grace, dignity, intelligence and the ability to represent our country displaying all of these things. 

Michelle Obama continues to play the victim, encouraging other Blacks to be victims instead of taking personal responsibility for their actions.   Again Really?   Michelle came from a Middle Class Black family in Chicago.  She attended an Ivy League school to become an attorney.  Michelle was paid several hundred thousand dollars a year to work part time for a hospital system in Chicago, to buy influence, while her husband was a Senator.  And, then after becoming First Lady, she often takes expensive vacations, costing taxpayers millions of dollars a year.   For Michelle Obama to claim herself, or her husband as victims is just down right ridiculous.   Obama is criticized, as one of the worst Presidents in our history, not because he is Black;  but because he is incompetent and has made a mess of our economy and the world. 

Other First Ladies have acted as Ambassadors for our country.  Michelle Obama not so much.  And, when asked who she would like to be if she was not First Lady, incredibly like a 13 year old girl, she answered Beyonce, rather than any number of strong women of various colors that have made a difference in the world.   While Michelle Obama can be charming when she wants to be, she often dresses and responds as a Valley Girl.  And, Michelle's personality is most ugly when she acts as an Angry Black Woman, stoking the fires of racism in our country.   Michelle Obama has lived the American Dream.  That is Michelle's story.  Too bad she instead chooses to be an "Angry Black Woman", rather than a role model for success in America.       

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