Friday, May 22, 2015

China Attempting To Assert Control Over The South & East China Seas

China is attempting to assert control over the South and East China seas, by either building artificial islands and or claiming islands currently controlled by Japan.   These artificial islands are no where near China's coast line; but instead are claimed by the Philippines, Taiwan, Brunei, Malaysia and Vietnam.   Further, these sand bars are clearly in international waters in one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world.   While the United States is challenging China's claims by aerial over flight and positioning our navy in the area, as are all other nations in the region, this is all happening because Emperor Pinocchio Veto Obama is weak and incompetent.
When Obama draws red lines in the sand that are meaningless, it emboldens are enemies.

The Chinese are attempting to do what Imperial Japan attempted to do and we know the end of that horrible story during World War II.  However, that was then and this is now.  Clearly, Japan must not only rearm, Japan must become a nuclear power to maintain the balance of power in Asia.   China cannot be allowed to gain hegemony over all of Asia.  The only way to stop that from happening, in addition to greater US presence in the region, is for Japan to play a more assertive role to counter China's aggressive positioning.   As Ronald Reagan always asserted, the only way to maintain the peace is through strength. 

Right now, China sees a United States, under Obama, scaling back our military spending.  Japan at best can only defend their coast line and even that is questionable.  Japan must become a regional power, with a blue water navy that can go beyond their coast line to reach as far as Singapore to play a key role in the region.   And, since both China and North Korea have nuclear weapons, it is time for Japan to develop a nuclear deterrent.  Unless and until both the United States and Japan act in concert to contain China, the Chinese are likely to be a threat to the entire region.   We can't let that happen. 

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