Saturday, May 16, 2015

Hawaii's ObamaCare State Exchange Near Collapse

After the federal government provided $205 million to Hawaii to build their own state ObamaCare Exchange, the system is about to collapse.  Things are so bad that the federal government is providing another $30 million just to help the state transition to the federal ObamaCare Exchange.  The same thing has happened in other states like Nevada, where this Blogger lives.  No doubt, billions of dollars have been wasted implementing ObamaCare.   How does this help anyone get better access to health care. 

But then ObamaCare was never about health care.  It was nothing more than another Socialist Scheme to redistribute income from the 50% of us that pay all the income taxes in our country, to the 50% who pay none.  This is really about the Makers giving even more money to the Takers in our society.  I just wish Socialists would be honest about their Schemes.   Eventually, the truth always comes out anyway. 

So now what.   We have to repeal and replace ObamaCare with a market driven health care system.   We have never had a free market health care system in the United States, especially since Medicare is really a Socialist Single Payer Plan.  And, Medicaid for people under 65 is just another government program for people on the dole.  We can do better; but not until we get the government out of our health care.  It will never happen as long as Socialists remain in government.  So, we have to vote them out of office to get real health care reform.  There is no other way. 

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