Sunday, May 3, 2015

Venezuela - The Failure of Socialism/Communism

Once again, we are seeing the failure of Socialism and Communism, this time in Venezuela.  The Chavez Revolution has led to food lines, rationing and shortages of electricity and other commodities.   With falling oil prices, the Venezuelan currency is collapsing.  The Socialists and Communists that run Venezuela are resorting to Totalitarian rule to keep control of the country.   While there is a semblance of democracy in Venezuela, it is highly unlikely that elections will happen, as planned in 2016 because the Dictator of Venezuela, a former bus driver, would lose. 

Instead, unless there is a military coup, which is always possible in South America and another strong man emerges, the Socialists are likely to declare a state of emergency as an excuse to suspend elections.  We have seen this story many times before in modern history.  There is likely to be civil strife and blood shed in Venezuela when this happens.  Conditions in the country are so desperate that the people are likely to rise up and it won't be pretty. 

Once again in modern history in the last 100 years, we see the failure of Socialism and Communism where ever and when ever it has been tried.  Venezuela is just the latest example of this failed ideology.  Yet, there are Obamanistas in the United States, including the President himself, trying to transform the US into a Socialist country.   Obama issues Executive Orders ignoring our Constitution to get around our legal system and the Congress.  Obama acts like a Socialist Dictator to transform our country into an economic and weak basket case.   Americans wake up.  Watch what is happening in Venezuela to see what happens when Socialists gain power.  

We saw the riots in Baltimore and other cities where Mob Rule has prevailed.   We can't let this happen in the United States.  Just stand up and say NO to more Socialist Schemes that are bankrupting our country.   

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