Sunday, May 24, 2015

Celebrating Memorial Day In The United States

The last Monday in May in the United States is Memorial Day, a national holiday honoring the thousands of men and women who have given their lives and or been wounded to protect our freedoms.   This story began with the American Revolution and continues today as our country is in a struggle against evil that has challenged just about every generation of Americans in one way or another.  As President Ronald Reagan always said, "Freedom is not Free".  Freedom has come at a tremendous cost of blood and treasure to the American people, since our founding as a Free Country. 

Reagan also said the American people are just one generation away from losing our Freedom as government continually erodes the freedoms guaranteed us in the US Constitution.   As a result, we must be particularly vigilant in fighting to protect the freedoms enumerated in the Bill of Rights, particularly related to freedom of speech, religion and press and our ability to own guns.   We also must make sure that government is not guilty of illegal searches and seizures as is now happening with the NSA spying on all Americans in the name of National Security. 

On Memorial Day each year, we honor the men and women who have died and or been wounded in the defense of our country and our freedoms.  This is a never ending struggle as we see totalitarian regimes and right now Islamic Fanatics around the world that oppose liberty and everything we hold dear.   Memorial Day is more relevant today than ever.  The next time you see a member of our Armed Forces, thank them for the sacrifices they are making to protect our freedoms.   Their work in our defense should never, never be taken for granted. 

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