Saturday, May 23, 2015

Violent Crime Up In Baltimore, Maryland

Since the recent riots in Baltimore, protesting police brutality that resulted in the indictment of 6 Cops for the accidental death of Freddie Gray, a convicted drug dealer, in the process of his arrest; violent crime is way up.   Clearly, Cops in Baltimore are sitting on their hands, rather than engaging criminals in a proactive way.   The numbers tell the story.   There has been a 32% decline in arrests since a year ago.   Murders are up by 40% compared to a year ago.   Non fatal shootings are up by 60%.  It is important to note that there were 9 gang related murders in Baltimore during the week of the riots that had nothing to do with Freddie Gray.   Aside from police actions, this is a very violent city where crime is rampant.

Obviously, the Baltimore Police Department, composed of about 50% Black Cops, in a Black run city is now only responding to 911 Calls rather than going out to stop crime from happening.   And, who could blame them.   6 Cops in Baltimore have been indicted for attempting to arrest a convicted criminal.   Freddie Gray died a week later as a result of a back or spinal injury that presumably occurred during the arrest.  But clearly, these Cops did not wake  up that day with the intent to go out and murder a Black Man.  There is a very good likelihood that these Cops will be acquitted in a politically charged trial; but in the mean time, this trial will put them and their families through months, or maybe even years of misery.

The signal to other Cops on the street, both in Baltimore and around the country is why attempt to prevent crimes from happening when their own lives are on the line when Socialist City officials in many of our big cities will not back them when deaths occur, which by the way are rare.  Though the police in every major US city have thousands of encounters every year with people of all colors, there have been about 130 killings  a year of Blacks in America in the process of arrest.  And actually, the number of Whites killed from these police encounters is three times that number. 

So now the people of Baltimore must fear even more the Black on Black crime that is devastating their city.   The Cops there and in other big cities in the United States are not about to stick their necks out, only to face potential arrest for doing their jobs.  What we are seeing is the law of unintended consequences and it is pretty ugly.  All of this will lead to more tragic murders in our inner cities.  Sadly, it is what it is and it is the result of Socialist politicians, including Pinocchio Obama's vilification of the Cops. 

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