Friday, May 1, 2015

Rioters Are Thugs & Criminals

Rioters, of any color that loot stores, destroy property and injure, or kill cops and others are Thugs and Criminals.  All of these acts are felonies.  Those that commit these crimes should be prosecuted and convicted of these crimes.   There are those in the left wing media and Socialists in general that take offense to calling Black Rioters in Baltimore and elsewhere, that committed these crimes, Thugs.  In fact, many of these criminals are gang members also responsible for the Black on Black crime in inner city Black America that results in thousands of murders and deaths of other Blacks each year.  What should we call them when they kill other Blacks by either gun shot wounds, or the drugs that they sell.   At the least, they are criminals.  Thugs is a nicer word than others that could be used to describe these criminals. 

This Blogger must contrast the violence that we see happening in many of our inner cites with Tea Party Protests.  I participated in both major Tea Party Marches on Washington DC.   Be assured, Tea Party members are just as angry about government overreach, Pinocchio Veto Obama's Executive Actions and elected representatives of both political parties that are bankrupting our country as Blacks that feel that they are being persecuted by the police.  The difference between Tea Party members and inner city Blacks is that Tea Party Members are in the 50% of Americans that pay all the taxes in our country; while most inner city Blacks, on the dole, pay none.  I might add that once Tea Party Protests were over, we left the city of Washingon as clean as we found it; not with burned out buildings and cars in the streets. 

Yet, though Tea Party Members are mad as hell, the police in Washington DC did not have to wear riot gear to monitor our March because there was no violence at our Protests.  Yet left wing Socialist policitians, like Senator Dirty Harry Reid of Nevada, referred to us as "Terrorists".   Really!!  No rocks or bottles were thrown at Cops during our Protest March.  Matter of fact, Cops were very helpful in making sure that all Tea Party Protesters were safe.  And, though many Tea Party Members have guns, I saw none during our March and no shots were fired at anyone.  There is a big difference between a rightful Protest for any cause and a RIOT.   What we saw in Baltimore and other cities were RIOTS implemented by Thugs and Criminals.  It is what it is. 

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