Thursday, April 30, 2015

California Death Spiral - Forget About Jobs

California Governor Jerry Moon Beam Brown just issued an Executive Order requiring that carbon emissions be reduced in the state by 40% below 1990 levels by 2030.   The RINO Governator Arnold Schwarzenegger, before Brown, had already issued an Executive order requiring an 80% reduction by 2050.   Presumably, this means using wind, solar and other technologies, yet to be developed, to power a state currently with about 40 million people.  It is impossible, based on the technologies we have today, without utilization of carbon and nuclear based energy. 

This continues the environmental wacko death spiral for California that has caused the current drought and the loss of millions of jobs.  Significantly higher utility cost that will be the end result of Brown and Schwarzenegger's Executive Orders will push what little manufacturing there is left in California out of the state and probably out of the country because Brown is just following Obama's lead.  These Socialists are all job killers. 

California will be left with the very rich that can afford to have second, or third homes along the coast, while maintaining a principle residence in lower tax states to avoid California personal income taxes and the very poor that will be on the dole; paid for by federal tax dollars, what little tax base that will remain in California and borrowing that will bankrupt both the state and federal government.  Since big companies continue to move out of California, this will hit small businesses, that remain in the state hardest and result in higher personal income taxes.  There is no other way.  Further, the higher cost of energy for everyone that lives in California is a tax by another name. 

The Middle Class is disappearing in California as is happening in the United States.  Good paying jobs are being shipped overseas because of high taxes, impossible and stifling EPA and other regulations and a variety of Socialist Schemes that are killing the Middle Class.  So, when Socialist speak of income inequality that is real, it is they who are causing the problem purposely to put more people on the dole to buy votes for Socialist candidates.  In general, Americans can look forward to a lower standard of living because of these misguided policies and Socialist and RINO Schemes.   It is what it is. 

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