Saturday, April 25, 2015

Hillary Clinton Is Not A Sure Thing - The Long Knives Are Out To Get Her

Socialists are starting to get very nervice about Hillary Clinton as a result of the most recent Clinton Foundation Scandal.  It appears that the Clinton's used Hilly's position at the State Department to sell influence.  As if the Benghazi fiasco wasn't bad enough, it sure looks like the Clinton's took bribes in the form of exorbitant speaking fees and donations to the Clinton Foundation, which clearly allowed the Clinton's, all of them, including daughter Chelsea, to live high on the hog maintaining the Presidential life style.   And, it is pretty clear now, in connecting the dots, that Hillary Clinton destroyed thousands of emails and her at home hard drive to cover up these crooked business dealings.  What other conclusion can there be? 

Hilly Clinton, who wants to be the "champion" of the poor and middle class, is filthy rich as a result of all their Shenanigans after leaving the White House.  The Clinton's may have been "dead broke" at the end of the Clinton Presidency, as a result of all the legal fees they owed because of Bubba's sexual peccadilloes, but today the Clinton's are estimated to be worth more than $100 million.  To say that they traded on their name and global contacts is an understatement.  As Bubba once said in an interview, once he left office, he had to go out and support his family by hook, or by crook.

Clearly, the Clinton's who never owned a home until they left the White House, were determined never to be poor again.  It is like the scene in Gone With The Wind, when a starving Scarlett O'Hara, scratching for food in the ground, swore that she would do anything she had to do to "never be hungry again".   But now, even the liberal press in connecting the dots.   Bubba gave a one hour speech, paid for by a Russian company, with ties to Vladamir Putin, for $500,000.  And shortly thereafter, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton approved a sale to the same Russian company for what turns out to be about 25% of the uranium in the United States.  Go figure.  In doing so, Hillary Clinton betrayed our country.  In addition, Bubba's speaking fees went up dramatically once Hilly became Secretary of State.  The word was out.  It was Pay To Play. 

Of course, avowed Clintonistas that have always come to the defense of the Clinton's for the past 20 or more years, through many Scandals  just attack their accusers, now saying there was no quid pro quo.   Really?  Unfortunately for them, this is not the 90's.   It is much easier to connect the sleazy dots today than it was then.  Since the left of the Socialist Party does not want Hillary Clinton to be their nominee, you can bet that they will work with the lame stream left wing media to destroy her.  Just wait and see.  Hillary Clinton is not a sure thing.   Forget about Republicans and the vast right wing conspiracy, the long knives in the Socialist Party are out to get Hillary Clinton.   

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