Saturday, April 18, 2015

Hillary Evita Peron Clinton & Her Foundation

When Fascist Dictator Juan Peron gained power in the 1950's in Argentina, his actress young wife Evita, who slept her way to the top, established her Foundation to extract "donations" from business and the rich to "help the poor".   Of course, a good chunk of the money that was extorted from donors to gain influence with her husband, El Jefe, the Dictator, went into Evita's diamonds, expensive furs, clothing and cars.  Because after all, a girl has got to live, right. 

We see this story happening all over again with the Clinton's.   As soon as Bubba Clinton left office and began giving 45 minute speeches for $200,000 or more, he established the Clinton Foundation.   This became even more viable when Hilly was elected Senator from New York and then became Secretary of State.   And further, since there has been talk of Hilly running for President during all of this time, Bubba was able to use all of this visibility to extort money from foreign countries and other rich donors and companies to buy influence.

And, it is still continuing while Hilly runs for President.  All should know that a Foundation is a non profit business.  The Clinton's do use some of this money on left wing causes and to help the poor in various countries; however, they do this while using this money to live high on the hog.   In addition to the speeches they have been giving each year for millions of dollars, their Foundation is the family business.  It has been reported that Chelsea Clinton, who is about 35 years old, who is now technically in charge of the Foundation, is being paid $600,000 a year.  There are not too many 35 year old men or women, that have accomplished nothing important, making that kind of money.   In addition, Bubba flies around the world and stays in the most expensive hotels in Presidential Suites at Foundation expense. 

And, even though Hilly is running for President, with the potential of being elected, collecting money for the Clinton Foundation continues.  There has been and is such an incredible conflict of interest in all of this as Hilly tries to tell the American people that She wants to be the "champion" of the poor and the Middle Class.  Really??  How can Hillary Evita Peron Clinton purport to represent the little people when her family has used their positions to gain great wealth.  This Blogger has no problem with the rich, or those that work to get rich.  This Blogger has a big problem with the Clinton's hypocrisy.   Hillary Clinton has not driven a car in more than 18 years.  Hilly has lived like a queen.  The Clinton's want the big house and jet back and they will do anything, or say anything to get it.    

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