Saturday, April 11, 2015

Hillary Clinton - Back To The Future

Hillary Clinton is announcing she is running for President.  What a surprise.  Hilly has been running for President ever since the Clinton's left the White House after Bubba's terms in office.  It is hard to give up the Big House and the Jet and all the money and trappings that come with them.  But somehow, this Blogger feels like we are living through another sequel of Back To The Future, great movies; but a lot more entertaining than watching the Clinton's run for President again and again and again. 

Now we have to relive all the Clinton Scandals including the new ones concerning Benghazi, Email Gate and the Clinton Foundation taking millions of dollars in dirty money so that the Clinton's could continue living a very privileged life style.  It is hard to watch Hilly talk about helping the Middle Class when she is a multi-millionaire.  We hear from Hilly's people that their lawyers will respond to all charges.  Gosh, we have been down that road so many times before and it is a real dead end because as Socialists, the Clinton's will lie, cheat, steal, borrow, extort, target their enemies and history teaches us even murder to stay in power feeding at the trough.

Not only is Hilly looking pretty old, even after she has had work done; but the her story is so old.  Golly Gee, elect me because I am a woman. Forget about my scandals, failures and lack of accomplishments.  There is no doubt that the bloom is off the rose, which could be one reason Hilly is not looking so invincible after all.  Hilly is going to have challengers in the Socialist primaries.  There is a 50/50 chance that Socialist voters may not want to go down this road to no where again.   All of a sudden younger, more vibrant Conservative Republican candidates, with great ideas, are polling better than Hilly.  Is it any wonder.   The last thing the American people want to see again is another Clinton Bush contest.  Obama promised us Hope and Change and we see the end of that story; a lousy economy and wars all over the world. 

As of now, all of us are hoping that we change away from Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush.  We just can't take it anymore.  We need the new and improved version of an American President rather than same old, same old.  For the Conservative base of the Republican Party that means a nominee who is a real Conservative, not a Socialist Party Light Establishment candidate that would give us more of the same.   Most important, we do not want to relive the Clinton years with all the drama sand scandals urrounding the Clinton's.    

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