Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Socialists Say Hell No To Obama Free Trade Deal

Socialist Emperor Pinocchio Veto Obama and the Republicans in Congress are putting together a Trade Deal to increase trade with Asian and other countries.   This is causing a big divide in the Socialist Party.   Most Socialists in Congress due not really support Free Trade thinking that it causes job loss in the United States.  The fact that trade with other countries brings down prices in the United States does not matter to Socialists, they would rather Americans pay higher prices to support jobs in the US, even if it means a lower standard of living for Americans. 

Free Trade is vital to world commerce.   We want to sell American products overseas and to do it we need open markets that are tariff free.  There is no doubt that in all Trade Deals there are winners and losers.  American workers with little or no job skills will always loose out to lower wage countries that can produce products cheaper.  On the other hand, cheaper products, with high quality, mean lower prices for those flat screen TV's everyone now has in their homes; not to mention the price of shoes that in real terms cost three times as more 30 years ago when shoes were made in the United States.

We need more Free Trade Agreements.  Obama is right to side with Republicans to advance Free Trade Agreements to help maintain a higher standard of living in the United States.  For once, Obama has it right. 

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