Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Gay Leader Tells Churches - Support Homosexuality Or Be Taxed

Jeran Artery, a leader of a Homosexual Rights Group called Wyoming Equality, posted on Face Book that Churches, that have tax exempt status, should either support Homosexuality, or be taxed like a business.  Artery later deleted his post because no doubt someone told him that his radical position was damaging to the Homosexual movement.  However, no one should be surprised by this sentiment.  Radical Homosexuals have been at war with the Catholic Church and other Conservative Christian denominations for years because these denominations do not accept the Gay life style, or Homosexual marriage, preferring instead the teachings in the Bible and the 5,000 year old definition of marriage as between a man and a woman. 

This Blogger can live with Civil Unions for Gays and Lesbians as a marriage contract of sorts, which  by the way is what marriage is anyway.   However,  I cannot use the word marriage, which I also see as between a man and a woman exclusively.  I suppose this is mincing words; but words do matter.  And, though I would not refuse to cater a Gay wedding if I was a caterer because business is business, I fully support a Christian, Jewish or Muslim business owner that out of religious conviction just can't participate in a Gay wedding.  That is not the same as someone who is Gay walking into a bakery, or flower shop open to the public to buy baked goods or flowers.  There is no question that in that case, there can be no discrimination permitted for any reason, even if a known abortionist, that I would consider evil, walked into the store to make a purchase.  Once a business owner opens the doors for business, they must be open to everyone, unless the person walking in the door is committing a crime in the store or business.  

While most Christians have a tolerant live and let live attitude, even related to those they disagree with, the same cannot be said for radical left wing Socialists and in this case Gays who seek to punish those who do not support Gay Marriage by using the power of the state to literally bankrupt Americans that do not want to be personally involved in their ceremonies, or life style.   That is precisely what is happening in Washington state as a Christian woman and flower shop owner, who regularly sold to Gays when they walked in the door of her store; but refused to do a Gay Wedding is experiencing.  The Socialist Washington State Attorney General and the Gay couple involved are seeking to not only put this woman out of business, but to take everything she owns as a result of her religious convictions.   That is just plain wrong. 

This court case may go all the way to the Supreme Court.  However, no matter what happens in Court, unless Gays recognize the need to balance their rights with the religious rights of others, there is likely to be a backlash against them that would be counter productive to their movement.  Once again, this is a case where common sense, tolerance and mutual respect for all concerned should apply.   


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