Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Republican Party In Nevada - 2016 Primary Election & Recall Battles Coming

Republican Governors and Republican controlled state legislatures all over the country have held true to Republican principles of limited government, lower taxes, less regulation and the right to life by enacting laws that reflect these principles.  However,  Republicans in Nevada, led by RINO Governor Brian Sandoval, now referred to as just BS, are pushing through a newly elected Republican controlled legislature, a $1.2 Billion corporate tax increase and the new spending to match it.  And, while this may be chump change in Washington DC, or California, this job killer corporate tax increase is the highest ever implemented in Nevada history.

And, it is happening after the voters of Nevada overwhelmingly rejected a Corporate Margins Tax last November that was supposedly also opposed by these very same Republicans, including Governor BS.   What is worse, Governor BS promised the people of Nevada that various tax increases that were imposed during the Recession would be Sunseted.  Now Governor BS claims those revenues are "baked" into the budget and can never be eliminated.  We have our own Pinocchio Obama Sandoval in Nevada.   Sad to say that the RINO Governor of Nevada, Brian Sandoval is a Liar and nothing more than a left wing, tax and spend Harry Reid Socialist liberal.  It is what it is.   

As a result, this Blogger has written Governor Sandoval and suggested that he switch parties, particularly if he plans to run for the US Senate in 2016 because clearly Sandoval is a Dirty Harry Reid Socialist, so why not just come out of the closet and say so.  After all, it was Sandoval that brought ObamaCare into Nevada, accepting the Medicaid expansion that eventually will bankrupt our state.  And, it is Sandoval that was opposed to Nevada joining the lawsuit to fight Obama's Executive Amnesty Order.   And, it is Pro-Choice Sandoval that supports Common Core, the federalization of public education.  Governor BS is simply not a Republican if measured against any of the principles of the Republican Party. 

There are 2016 Primary Election Battles Coming in Nevada that will be the equivalent of a Civil War.  It is inevitable.  Conservatives no doubt will challenge both RINO State Senators and Assemblymen and women in the upcoming Republican primaries in 2016 that vote for this tax increase and additional spending.  There could even be some recall elections of those not up for reelection in 2016 because we Conservatives are MAD AS HELL and we will not tolerate this duplicity and dishonesty.   This Blogger will never, never again, hold my nose and vote for a RINO, no matter who the Socialist opponent may be.  As it is this time around, we voted for the American Independent Party candidates rather than vote for Pro-Choice Sandoval and other RINOS on the ballot last November.  If nothing else aside from fiscal issues, we cannot vote for any candidate that supports unlimited abortion. 

Even so, we elected a Republican Majority in our State Legislature for the first time in decades; yet led by Governor BS, they are voting like Socialists in their attempt to Californianize Nevada.  There is talk of things like education and pension reform and limits on collective bargaining for public employees in exchange for the huge job killing tax increase on the table; but those things will likely never happen. 

The only question now with two Republican tax increase proposals on the table,  is which will be enacted; Governor BS's Margin's Tax, which has been introduced in the State Senate, or the Assembly's tax on employment and higher business license fees; both plans of which will result in the $1.2 Billion tax increase that the Governor is demanding to fund his Socialist Schemes.  It is really just about who Republicans end up screwing at the end of the day; big business and or all business.  Either way, the people of Nevada will be the losers because both plans are job killers.   And specific to the Republican Party, the fight in Nevada for the soul of the party has just begun. 

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