Saturday, April 25, 2015

California Drought - Environmental Wackos Gone Wild

California is experiencing a severe drought.  As a result, California Governor Jerry Moonbeam Brown has ordered water rationing and other measures to prevent the usage of water.  What we are seeing are Environmental Wackos Gone Wild.  All of this is happening because beginning in the 1980's, Environmental Wackos along with their Socialist elected representatives, that have controlled California for more than 40 years, prevented the building of more dams and reservoirs to store all the fresh water that comes from rain from just draining into the ocean.   So now, California is in big trouble. 

In addition, instead of spending money on water projects, Jerry Brown's is pushing his crazy train for billions of dollars to connect Northern and Southern California, which will never pay for itself and is not needed at all.   What should be happening is that Water Pipelines should be built from the Pacific Northwest and Northern California to get water into the Sacramento Delta.  From there, this water could feed the California Aqueduct system, that probably should be expanded,  to get water into Southern California. 

Since this Blogger lives in Nevada where water is scarce as well, I propose building a Pipeline from Northern California over the Sierra Nevada Mountains to get water into additional reservoirs and the Truckee River, which comes down through Reno, Nevada.  From there, we could get water to the rest of Nevada and even into Arizona to make the desert bloom.   This is an infrastructure project, that would create thousands of good paying jobs and is worth pursuing with Bond Money and even federal government money to make it happen because the return on investment would be sizable. 

Right now most of the rain fall happening in the Pacific Northwest and Northern California just drains into the Pacific Ocean.   Of course, environmental wackos would oppose this plan because it might require cutting down a some trees, or invading some animals natural habitat.  These people are Nuts.   Environmental Wackos are all job killers and in this case they are negatively impacting the lives of millions of people.  It is time for the rest of us with Common Sense to stand up and stop these Wackos from destroying jobs and our standard of living.  Without water, there is no human life.  Well dah!!    

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