Sunday, April 19, 2015

Republican John Kasich Is Ready To Be President

Republican Governor John Kasich of Ohio is ready to be President of the United States.  Not only has he done a great job in Ohio cleaning up a huge fiscal mess left by his Socialist predecessor, his Congressional and Business Experience make him perfectly suited to be the next President of the United States.  Most important, Kasich who fully understands the federal budget because of his experience while serving in Congress is calling for a Balanced Budget Constitutional Amendment because Kasich knows it will not happen any other way no matter which party is in power. 

Kasich is a Conservative with a soft edge.  While Kasich says he is not political, the fact is that he is very political carrying all by two counties in Ohio in his reelection as Governor of Ohio in 2014.  Remember, this is the swing state that Pinocchio Obama carried twice.  Kasich is solution oriented related to dealing with the poor and others in need and that is a good thing. 

Kasich won reelection by a substantial majority by reestablishing the old Reagan Coalition, which includes the base of the Republican Party, Blue Collar, Blue Dog Union Democrats,  Independents and enough of the Minority vote to give him a big win in the 2014 election.  This Blogger was born in Youngstown, Ohio.  I still have blue collar relatives that live in small town Ohio and they voted for John Kasich because he is not only a good guy; but he has done a great job in Ohio. 

John Kasich comes from blue collar roots.   He father was a mail man.  His grandfather worked in a coal mine.  If Republicans are going to connect with the American people, which requires putting together the old Reagan Coalition to win the Presidency, someone like John Kasich can make it happen.   And, let's not forget that no Republican has been elected President without carrying the state of Ohio in 100 years.  And, then there is Florida, which is also absolutely essential to a Republican victory in 2016.  This means that the Republican dream team for many reasons must include Marco Rubio.  Rubio also comes from blue collar immigrant roots.  His father was a bar tender and his mother a maid.  

Assuming they do a reasonably good job while in office, a Kasich/Rubio victory could insure 16 years of Conservative rule,  which could be enough time to get our fiscal house in order and turn our country around.    This Blogger can see the forest for the trees.  An Ohio - Florida combination would give us the right candidates at the right time in our country history.  Let's make it happen. 

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