Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Inner City Black America In Crisis

More than 50 years after President Lyndon Johnson's Great Society and after spending trillions of dollars on the "war on poverty",  inner city Black America is in crisis and worse off today than then.  Expanded Welfare and Food Stamps and other Socialist Schemes have destroyed the Black family, as 7 out of 10 Black babies are born out of wedlock into poverty.  The federal government has created a permanent under class of people that do not have the English language reading, writing or speaking skills to participate in our economy.  Further, many of these people are simply incapable of holding a job because the concept of work and personal responsibility is so foreign to them. 

Sadly, while a good percentage of Blacks have escaped poverty in the last 50 years, the poverty rate overall is higher today than three decades ago.  And while in real numbers there are more Whites on Welfare than Blacks, as a percentage of the population, Blacks on the dole are much higher.  The protests and riots we are seeing in inner city Black communities, concerning their treatment by the police, masks the bigger problem of Black on Black crime, which results in thousands of murders every year.  And, while any senseless killing of a Black man, or woman by a police officer is wrong, the fact is that mother's in the Black community should be far more concerned about their children being killed by a Black member of the Hood than by a police officer.  Matter of fact, if the police did not administer tough love related to searches, there would be even more murders and crime in inner city Black America. 

Yet, the Socialists continue to push spending even more money on failed programs without any recognition of the facts on the ground.  Fact One:  The federal government cannot substitute for Dad's in the home.  The break down of the Black family is at the core of poverty.  Fact Two: Inner city public schools, controlled by teacher unions, have failed these Black children.  Fact Three:  Continuing the preach to politics of victimization and racism, rather than advocating personal responsibility provides an excuse for failed government programs.   Fact Four:  Failure to teach right from wrong and moral values makes it impossible for these young people to succeed.  Unless and until, elected representatives and Black leaders in America in particular, deal with all these issues, the crisis in inner city Black America will continue and get worse.

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