Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Obama Admits Iran Will Have Nuclear Weapons In The Future

In an NPR interview, Socialist Emperor Pinocchio Veto Obama admitted that Iran is likely to have nuclear weapons 13 years from now because there is nothing in the agreement on the table that would prevent it.  Further, since Iran's nuclear capabilities and infra structure would remain in tact, the likelihood of Iran "breaking out" shortly after the agreement expires in ten years, is pre-determined.   So, just a few days ago when hippy US Energy Secretary Dr. Ernest Moniz, who looks like a 19th century politician who needs a hair cut, said this was a "forever" agreement, he was just plain full of baloney as demonstrated by Obama himself in his recent admission. 

The deal on the table actually provides Iran an unfettered path and the money to have nuclear weapons and the missile system to deliver them.   It is any wonder that Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is jumping up and down, along with many of the leaders of Sunni Arab countries attempting to deny Iran hegemony over the Middle East.  We see the proxy war happening right now in Yemen, which is actually a war between Sunni Arab countries and Iran, no doubt supported by intelligence from Israel and the United States.

All Obama has done in this deal with Iran is kick the can down the road for the next US President, whether Socialist, or Republican to deal with if the goal is to actually prevent Iran from having nuclear weapons.   This Blogger fears that instead, we will go to a Containment Strategy that actually allows Iran to have nuclear weapons.  If that happens, there will be a nuclear arms race in the Middle East as threatening as the arms race between the United States and the old Soviet Union.  Both Israel, that already has nuclear weapons and the systems to deliver them and Sunni Arab countries will develop nuclear capabilities to counter Iran.   It is inevitable.  

The only problem with all of this is that while the US and the Soviet Union adhered to Mad, the concept of Mutually Assured Destruction, which prevented the use of nuclear weapons, the religious fervor and hatred that exists in the Middle East, along with prophetic beliefs may actually make using nuclear weapons acceptable.  The only question is which country would go first.  Obviously, if Israel thought their annihilation was eminent, as constantly called for by Iranian fanatics, they would be the first to strike under the concept of Never Again, Never Again and who could blame them.  The Islamic Fascists that rule Iran threaten Israel in every public speech.  Their words must be taken seriously by any leader of Israel.

Obama has made a real mess in the world because of his weak and ineffective foreign policy.  Hopefully, this deal with Iran will fall apart, or be stopped by the US Congress.  If it does fall apart, very strict sanctions should be imposed immediately to destroy the Iranian economy.  Aside from bombing, it is the only way we can get Iran to really end their nuclear program. 

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