Sunday, April 19, 2015

Country Music Awards - America At Its Best

This Blogger loves most kinds of music, including Country.  As I watched the Country Music Awards, staged in Dallas, Texas this year at the Cowboy's Stadium, I realized that Country Music really is red, white and blue American.  These artists praise God for their success.  These are the folks, like so many of us that cling to our guns, religion and family values.  Secular Socialists and the left wing lame stream media, on both coasts, are so far removed from real Americans that they might as well be on Mars. 

We will never see disrespect for our military, or nation at the Country Music Awards.  We will never see a left wing agenda displayed at the Country Music Awards, the same way we see it whenever Hollywood, or Rock Druggies get together to honor themselves.  Country Music is all about America and hard working Americans.   Country Music is the story of our people. Country Music often celebrates Patriotism and recognizes that the United States truly is the greatest nation ever conceived in human history. 

Country Musicians are proud to be Americans, unlike many we see in the Socialist Party, the lame stream left media and Hollywood who seem to hate America and everything we stand for.   Clearly, we see the cultural divide in our country as it grows wider.  There really is an US and a Them and the fact is that most Americans have nothing in common with Them, the Socialists, the lame stream left media and Hollywood types who often make fun of good old fashioned American values and the free market capitalism that has made our country great.   As far as this Blogger is concerned, Country Music is about my Country, not theirs.   We need to take our Country back and the sooner the better.        

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