Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Obama's Executive Amnesty Program Ruled Unconstitutional

A federal Appeals Court has sided with the 26 states, suing Emperor Pinocchio Veto Obama, to stop his Executive Amnesty Program, determining that Obama's action is Unconstitutional.  The Obama Justice Department will now need to decide to appeal further all the way to the US Supreme Court.  The states claimed that Obama's Executive Amnesty Program would do irreparable damage to their states, since the impact would result in much higher cost to them and their citizen taxpayers.   The courts agreed with this contention; also saying that Obama does not have the authority to do this without an act of Congress. 

For now anyway, both the Separation of Powers, States Rights and the Constitution have been preserved as Obama's dictatorial powers have been curtailed.  However, if Obamanistas decide to appeal, which is probable, we will have to wait for a Supreme Court decision, should they decide to hear the case, or just let the Appeals Court ruling stand.   Obama's contention that he had to act to "fix a broken immigration system" because Congress thus far has refused to act is not the way our Constitution works.   The Congress enacts laws that are executed by the President.   The President of the United States, no matter who he or she is does not get to make the laws of the land.  It is bad enough that in interpreting the laws passed by Congress, that the Executive Branch issues regulations to enforce the laws, without going the next step and actually creating new law, which is the case with Obama's Executive Amnesty Program. 

We do need common sense Immigration Reform, enacted by Congress, that starts with securing our border.   We should have legal status for illegal immigrants in the United States that does not provide a path to citizenship, without going through the normal process for all immigrants waiting in line.  We should have a guest worker program that would allow workers, presumably from Latin America, to work in the United States for prescribed periods of time.  Clearly, illegal immigrants that commit crimes in our country should be immediately deported.  Obama's Executive Amnesty Program was never the solution.  

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