Friday, May 8, 2015

Conservatives Win Big In Great Britain

David Cameron, the Tory Conservative Prime Minister of Great Britain and his party scored a resounding victory in recent parliamentary elections.  Even though the left wing media in Britain predicted otherwise, it was a blood bath for all the other political parties, which is the reason the leaders of those parties Ed Milibrand of the Labour Party, Nick Clegg of the Liberal Democrat Party and Nigel Farage of the far right UK Independence Party all resigned their post as party leaders.  They led their political parties to a horrible defeat by advocating policies that apparently were very unpopular. 

Since the Conservatives now have a majority in the Parliament, they will not need to form a coalition government, which means that they can pursue their long time goals of cutting government, entitlements and taxes.  This will turn Britain into an even greater and stronger economic power house than it is now.  Even so, let's not get too excited.  Most European countries, including Britain, are either completely Socialist, or moderately Socialist with very high taxes and tons of regulations that stifle business and daily life.  The Conservatives in Britain may be able to roll some of these things back in the next five years; but Socialism is so entrenched in Europe that they will not be able to fully adopt limited goverment and free market economics.

The real question now is will Britain remain in the European Union, since it will be put to a vote in the next few years.  Remember, Britain never did adopt the Euro.  Given the state of the EU, this Blogger believes there is a 50/50 chance that Britain will pull out of the EU to rid itself of the EU bureaucracy in Brussels and thousands of pages of stifling Socialist regulations that hurt Britain more than help it.   Britain does not need to EU to do business in Europe, or anywhere else.  And, the EU requirement that allows member citizens to work in any EU country, without a requiring normal visa or work permits, may not be in Britain's interests.   Clearly Britain can do by treaty with the EU whatever it deems to be in Britain's interests without being a member.   Getting rid of the heavy hand of the bureaucrats in Brussels is the best reason for Britain to say Au revoir, Auf Wiedersehen and Arrivederci to the EU.     

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