Monday, November 11, 2013

Just 50,000 Sign Up For ObamaCare

Just 50,000 Americans signed up for ObamaCare in the month of October.  Obamanistas assumed that sign-up's would exceed 500,000.   They need 7 million healthy people to sign up by March for the numbers to work and even then the numbers won't work.  That is not going to happen. Instead, 465,000 Americans signed up for free Medicaid at taxpayer expense.  Obviously, those that are signing up are people going on Medicaid for free and those that need insurance because they have serious ailments.   And, so far more than four million Americans have lost their private medical insurance due to cancellations.   Thank You Mr. President. 

In addition,  both Americans that have lost their current medical insurance and those that have medical insurance through their companies are seeing significantly higher Premiums, Deductibles and Co-Pays.   Again, thank you Mr. President.  Premiums at my company are going up 10% as of January 1st.  Obama clearly LIED when he told Americans they could keep their medical insurance and doctors; but that is nothing new.  Obama lies every time he opens his mouth.  This is a national disaster for Socialist President Obama and his pals in Congress that told us we would all benefit from ObamaCare.    In fact, Obama told us that the typical family would save $2,500 a year.  Of course, that was all B--L S--T and Obamanistas knew it as early as July, 2010, when the President was running for reelection. 

Socialists in Congress that have to run for reelection in 2014 are running scared because they know that ObamaCare, the monstrosity that it is, will be hung around their necks.  Chances for Socialists to regain complete control of Congress, or maybe even keep the Senate under Socialist control are fading.  Obama's signature legislation may in fact collapse of its own weight. We may even see Socialists voting to REPEAL ObamaCare because ultimately it will be every man and woman for himself related to winning reelection.  They will abandon Obama like rats they are trying to get off a sinking ship.

It is time for Republicans in the House to strike.   Republicans should enact their alternative to ObamaCare and shove it down Majority Leader Socialist Senator Dirty Harry Reid's throat.  Reid will not allow this new bill to come up for a vote; but it will at least end the criticism from Socialists that Republicans have no alternative.   That alternative should outlaw discrimination related to Pre Existing Conditions, medical insurance premiums should be tax deductible for those that buy insurance on the private market.  It is already tax free when it comes through an employer.  There should be malpractice tort reform to bring down the cost of medical care.  Everyone should be able to buy medical insurance across state lines to foster more competition.  Finally, tax deductible Health Savings Accounts should be increased to at least $5,000 to pay for Deductibles and Co-Pays.  Specific to the poor, give them the Medicare HMO Advantage Program for little or nothing.   My 93 year old Mom has it and it works just fine.  Pay for it by cutting the number of federal employees and all the redundency, waste, fraud and abuse that exists in all programs, departments, agencies and commissions of the federal government. 

Obviously, ObamaCare is a miserable failure.  It is not enough for Republicans to oppose ObamaCare.  It is time for the Republican alternative.   What this Blogger has outlined would work much better than the Socialist alternative.  The time to act is now.   

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