Friday, November 29, 2013

Knock Out Game - Societal & Family Breakdown

In the latest trend across the country, inner city Black men and others are living out the violent video games they watch by attacking White Men and Women and in New York City often orthodox Jews with one punch designed to knock them out.  If this was happening in reverse as White on Black crime, it would be called a "Hate Crime"; but since is Black on White crime, it is often being portrayed by the lame stream, left wing media, when mentioned at all, as senseless mischief.    The reality is that this new trend is an indication of Societal and Family Breakdown. 

When and if these thugs are arrested we will find first that they are unemployed in the Obama economy and second that they come from dysfunctional, primarily single mom families.   Today, 41% of babies are born out of wedlock.  In 1959, that number was just 5%.  In the Black community over 70% of babies are born to unwed mothers because Welfare has destroyed the Black family.   In many cases, men father multiple children with different women with no consequence.  These Dads should be in jail for not supporting these children and or forced to wear a chastity belt, since they obviously cannot control their animal instincts. 

No doubt, if these kids are ever arrested, we will find that predominately kids growing up without Dads and or traditional family values play the Knock Out Game because they have not been taught any sense of right and wrong.  They see this senseless violence as entertainment instead of the sick anti-social behavior that it really represents.   And if arrested, in most cases, it will be treated as a misdemeanor, rather than the felony that it is as an act of attempted murder, since it could result in murder if someone is seriously injured from the fall that usually takes place. 

This probably won't happen because the poverty pimps that get rich off the misery of the poor, Socialists in government and the lame stream, left wing media will argue that the Knock Out Game is just Boys being Boys because they are poor and bored.  B--L S--T.   This is a serious crime that is happening all over the United States in many cities.  When it happens, we should be throwing the book at these kids to teach them a lesson, rather than just patting them on the head and letting them go free.  As Lincoln said, "Anarchy Breeds More Anarchy".   We cannot tolerate anti-social behavior in a civil society.   If we do so, it will lead to many Americans carrying guns in holsters to protect themselves as a result of the Societal Breakdown that it represents.  It will be the Wild West in the big cities of our country.  The Knock Out Game is not a joke.   It is an indication of a culture that gets sicker by the day because right and wrong has been blurred by poverty pimps, the lame steam left wing media and Socialists in government. 

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