Friday, November 29, 2013

Obama To Smokers - Life Without Medical Insurance

Under ObamaCare, medical insurance companies are only permitted to discriminate against Smokers, so much so that premiums for Smokers are 50% or more higher than what they are for non-smokers.  And, subsidies cannot be used to offset the Smoker Penalty.   As a result, Smokers that just can't kick the habit are likely to go without medical insurance because very few will be able to afford the premiums.  So what Obama is telling Smokers is that their only option, if they can't kick the habit, is Forgettaboutit.  What other conclusion can there be. 

Ironically, insurance companies are not allowed to discriminate against people with Pre-Existing conditions that are already sick, or older people both of whom are more likely to use medical services and insurance.  Matter of fact, there are formulas in place to guarantee these people lower insurance premiums, rather than what would actuarially be necessary to provide them insurance.   Of course, younger people that buy ObamaCare will be paying two or three times more than what they should be paying in order subsidize these other groups.  This is all about redistribution of income, not health insurance. 

ObamaCare is a gross distortion of the free market where Obama has chosen winners and losers.  Smokers are at the top of the loser list followed by Americans that buy insurance, either on the private market and don't qualify for subsidies, or through their employers, all of whom will pay much higher medical insurance premiums because of ObamaCare.  It is already happening.  To cut cost related to Senior Citizens, they will face end of life Death Panels to ration their medical care.  The only winners in this deal are those that will get expanded free Medicaid and those that will get subsidies so that they will pay little or nothing for medical insurance. 

The American people clearly see that ObamaCare is a monstrosity that is a job killer.  Socialists, seeking reelection in 2014, are running from Obama as fast as they can because they know that their votes for ObamaCare will be the kiss of death at the polls next November.  Just wait and see all the Socialist rats jumping off the sinking ship in the months ahead.   In the mean time, Smokers, in particular, will feel the heavy hand of Obama.   So Smokers, take your last puff, or plan on life without medical insurance thanks to ObamaCare. 

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